Secure, scalable and easy to use
Distributed 1-to-1 Support
Distributed tutoring and counseling support enables K-12 students to benefit from learning from teachers with different teaching styles, and prioritizes support for students who need it most.

Schools can identify community volunteers to serve as "noggins" in specific subjects to support 1-to-1 student tutoring requests.
Teacher notifications
We email teachers and counselors a list of all requests their students made for help in their respective support areas the previous day.

This ensures teachers and counselors are informed and able to follow up with their students, as needed.
Request queues
Teachers, counselors and noggin volunteers have an active student request queue for the subjects they support.

They can review the request and any attachments submitted by the student prior to raising their hand to help.
Whiteboard and markup tools
Each meeting has a multi-user whiteboard participants can use to work on problems.

PDFs included in the student request can be reviewed in the meeting. Additional PDFs can also be uploaded for review.

When using a laptop, participants can share their screens.
Session recordings
All meetings are recorded for the safety of our participants.

Students can playback recordings from their tutoring sessions and teachers can post recordings from their Office Hours sessions for participants to review in via their History page.

School staff can submit requests to review recordings, if needed.
Data for reporting
We capture meta data on each student request, video conference meeting, and student feedback on their 1-to-1 session.

This data is available for reporting and can help quantify the multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) schools implement for struggling and special needs students.